Sunday, July 26, 2015

Advise for telling about Aspergers or Autism in a relationship

I know a lot of people with Aspergers/Autism who want to be in a relationship. There are a few suggestions I would give.

1.Understand you Aspergers/Autism
If you know your aspergers/autism enough to explain it, you can show what it is to the other person.  Many people have different ideas about autism and aspergers.  This leads to the next point.

2.Wait until you get serious to tell the other person
Several reasons: They understand you better, and will less likely imagine a lot of things that your aspergers/autism isn't.  You will help them understand any irregualarities.

3.Know that you don't meet the right one the first time.
I know several people who met on dates 150 people before they found the person who was right for them (and these are neurotypical people).

If someone has other suggestions please leave it as a comment
Best luck

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