Saturday, January 3, 2015

A comment on what dating can do for a person with aspergers

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I saw this response from posting my article on linkedin.  I agree with it because I have lived it myself.

Thank you for pointing this fact out to everyone. I have two sons with both Aspergers and Autism. It has been amazing to see how dating has affect my oldest with Aspergers. The positive side of developing a relationship by dating for him has been motivation. What I mean by that is it has forced him to get out of his comfort zone. He would do anything to improve himself. The negative side is the improvement is for the approval of the other person. He has over come his social anxiety by dating. He also has studied and researched the behavior of popular male role models of love in history to try and teach himself the correct way to behave. 
My younger son, is now 20yrs old and has Autism. He is more concern with the relationship of his friends. When we talk he likes girls but feels that it is better for him to finish college before dating. He is my more practical child. He is the typical, sees things as black or white. 
It has and is a joy to watch these two grow into men. Oh, yes it is most difficult to watch them make mistakes in the choices. That is the hard part of being a parent, letting them learn and grow. 
Elizabeth Impastato,BS,CRT. 

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