Friday, June 17, 2016

Special needs shiduchim for Israel

Ezer Mizion Strike A Match---Mrs. Leah Reisner

Strike A Match is Ezer Mizion's program to do shidduchim for singles with various types of physical, medical, or genetic issues. They work in tandem with Ezer Mizion's medical referral department to provide clear information to both sides on any condition. Strike A match does both local and international shidduchim. 

Shmaya Center For The Hearing Impaired—Shidduchim Service
 (972) 03-578-3410 
(Fax: 03-5787514)
Harav Povarsky 13, Bnei Brak

Call Mon, Tues, Thurs 4:15-7:15 pm. Leave a message with the receptionists and they'll call back. Confidentiality guaranteed.
Shmaya services also include: Rehab daycare, children's gamin, treatment center, audiology (?) center for hearing tests, rehab afternoon programs, social "moadon" for adults, mainstreaming students, speech therapy, OT, parent guidance

Goldie Fogel of Sos Tassis
(972) 02-538-2076

Young adults up to age 30 with past or present medical & physical challenges.

Mrs. Honig
(972) 02-582-5852

Rebbitzen Rivka Moore
(972) 02-651-9258

Specializing in shidduchim for the deaf and hearing impaired.
Call between 8:30-11:30 pm

Shidduchim Gmach

Shidduchim for light health issues (not mental illnesses)yeshiva boys and Bais Yaakov girls only, up to age 30.

Chava Most

Voicemail 612-888-7908 
Fax 732-226-8979 24hr
Lakewood, NJ

Specializing in genetic, fertility, physical and chronic health issues, as well as other non-medical but otherwise sensitive situations. Mrs Most also assists in the medical research and has Rabbonim, Specialists & Geneticists willing to help on these issues. All information is dealt with in a strictly confidential manner, with medical info only exchanged with permission of those involved.  Database includes USA, Europe and Israel.

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