Monday, October 27, 2014

There is a job that is right for everyone

If you read my article you probably read that I was told to do accounting, which I didn't like.  I was at a very good friends wedding last night, and someone I knew from Yeshiva University mentioned he read my article and could remember that I was not enjoying accounting.

The reason I'm now going towards coaching people with Aspergers is because that is something that comes naturally to me to do coaching and I have seen more of Aspergers than a lot of people (and have experienced what is really like),

Coaching comes naturally to me as two examples can show.  One over a recent Jewish holiday, where I was staying with a family.  I saw a friend who I had not seen for years.  He was telling me how he is going towards business.  When I asked what kind of business, he didn't know and was going for the degree because there were opportunities in business.  I told him if he can find an area he could do a good job in and get experience in that area he would have an easier time finding a job once he would graduate college.  Over the several days we spent together I saw several times he was showing interests in giving massages (in a friend kind of way).  I told this friend that he should try massage therapy out to see if that's something he likes (because if you like your job you will do better and it will come out in your life in general).

Another case is another friend I saw just last night.  He was telling me that he was trying to go into a certain field, and I grilled him on what he was doing to succeed, and gave him some suggestions that he appreciated.

I was talking with another group of friends last night and a certain person came up who one other guy knew.  I was mentioning the person is going into a certain field, and another friend commented "isn't it hard for someone with aspergers to get a job?"  I told them he was not going to have a problem getting a job.  The reason he won't have that trouble even though he has a lot of potential improvement in social skills, is that he is going into a type of job he's going into is one that doesn't rely so much on social skills.  The fact that this guy is so good at the other parts of the job he's going towards will make it so that he will likely easily get a job.

Most people don't know that there are jobs, and stratagies for finding jobs that are good for people with aspergers.  That is one of the things that I do; I help people find the right kind of work for them.  Doing what comes naturally, and what you like is one of those things we look at because many people don't realize how many types of jobs there are out there.

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  1. I'm so happy I found this blog through! It's so inspiring, and I hope to share it with the students I work with who have Asperger's (I'm a school psych!)