Thursday, December 11, 2014

sensory overload

A lesser known aspect of people with Aspergers or autism is sensory overload.  This is when a person with aspergers is really sensitive to one of many things (texture, touch, smell, or many people).  This can be painful to someone with aspergers who has this sensitivty.  Several people I have worked with get overwelmed when they are around to many other people.  I remember seeing one teenage boys stare in fright of going into a packed subway car.

I'm going to do a little series talking about different ways of dealing with sensory overload.  If you have some startagies you have found helpful please share them.

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  1. I have severe Sencorey Iusse it the thing that can send me into a meltdown I got therhyeis for it an have lots of stuff to help me but it still not allways enough when out something's that can set me off