Monday, November 9, 2015

Learning social skills vrs foreign languge

As some of you know I am now living in Israel.  The main language spoken is Hebrew.  For the last year I have been working on my Hebrew.  I've noticed that there are some simmilarities in learning a language and social skills (for someone on the autisim spectrum).  Here is one on exposure to a foreign language or social skills for autism:

  • It may seem like a gigantic distance you have to go to master them, but with a lot of practice they are possible to master
  • Getting exposed to social skills makes them possible to be learned (this means interacting often in a fun way for them (something they enjoy doing or going in the context of social skills)
  • There are many ways to get that exposure.  In interacting that could be playing a game (even a multiplayer video game), visiting a place, or doing an activity.
  • I personally have been watching a lot of videos in Hebrew and my Hebrew is so much better because of it FIND WHAT IS RIGHT FOR EACH CHILD

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