Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to use Pokemon Go to help your autistic child

The internet is ablaze about pokemon Go.  You or your child may have played it.  You may have figured out how to use it to promote socialization for your child.  If you haven't and even if you have these tips will help you understand how to use pokemon go to its max to help you autistic child.  Being someone on the spectrum I have inside knowledge of what to do.

When I work with someone with autism I look for their interest and how I can use that to my advantage.  One example is a client who loved animals.  I took him to the zoo, pet shops, and other places with animals.  Take the time to learn about the game so you can help your child out the most.  There are plenty of youtubers you can watch to get informed I'm watching this guy

While for you it's ok to get all the info at once, you want your children to work to socialize.  There is much they have to learn.  Have them ask other Go players.  So little is explained that you have to ask to get the info.  Some good things to ask are

How do you evolve eevee into the form you want
Where are certain pokemon (they appear in different areas) (great for breaking habits)
How does this work

I know I struggled with friends as a child.  Although liked I wasn't invited to do things with other often.  Pokémon Go gives you the opportunity to make an easy get together event.  Just make sure the people your child interacts with are good influences (and watch out for unfair trading when trading comes in)

In a few months they will add new pokemon, and they can keep it up for 3 years learn how to use it as it can help your child out a lot.

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