Monday, January 26, 2015

How an aspergers person should go about getting a job

I remember so many interviews I went to and failed.  A lot of them I did things that hurt me in my interview (or was naive in how I went about what they were saying).

For many people with aspergers, and many people in general it's a good idea to rely on your experiences, and skills to get you a job.  First of all if you are competeing for a low level job you will have a lot of competition.  If you find something you can start doing small things for and building experience then you can use that to seperate you from everyone else.  Making these things the focus of why you should get a job instead of your social skills is a great idea for a person with aspergers.

I was thinking about myself that approaching a job this way is a lot better for me (in that I myself could get a job better).

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