Saturday, January 10, 2015

The flip side of a relationship (WORST THAN DEATH)!

Although many people can easily understand that a relationship can be an enjoyable thing, most people also forget that it can also be something worst than death.  This is very harsh, so let me explain where I am coming from.

Look at the facts most people in America who get married get divorced.  If you have seen how painful a divorce can be you will understand this.

The first thing that a person with Asperger has to do when they are looking at getting in a relationship is can they handle it.  Can they give the other person what they need in a relationship (do they know what another person would need in a relationship), can they take care of themselves (a relationship is not meant to give you someone to take care of you in your current state), are they emotionaly stable or ready for a relationship.

Many people are in unhappy relationships, but if someone is able to handle a relationship with the knowledge of what make a succesful relationship they can overcome those things.

I hope to be bloging about some important things to do in order to make a relationship work.

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