Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dating and Aspergers: An introduction

Even though a lot of asperger people miss out on a lot of social cues, one thing they very often can pick up on is the opposite sex.  Having a relationship is a normal thing to do, and something I know a lot of people with Aspergers want to do.

The next few weeks I'm going to write some post on things related to dating for someone with aspergers.

Before I do so it is important to look at basic things.  First a person needs to be able to take care of themselves.  A wife or a husband are not someone who is there to take care of you (and they don't look forward to a lifetime of taking care of you).  Next on the social side it's basicly the guys who have to work really hard on this stuff, but having a relationship with a girl requires a lot of social skills (guys don't require as much of those things that a girl needs in a relationship).

I do not endorse everyone dating (because it can be hard for them.  I do endorse encouraging people to work on the skills needed for a succesful relationship so the person doesn't have to get hurt when a relationship doesn't work out (where if they don't have those skills a relationship will be very hard).

Stay tuned for more post in the future.

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