Thursday, November 10, 2016

The importance of observation in helping habilitate someone

Asperger people are not as simple as many non autistic people.  When working with or meeting with someone (especially when you have only met with them for only a few hours or less) you should not come to conclusions so quickly.

A story to emphasis this point
One of the people I worked with in NY didn't show interest in having a counselor.  I got the same reception  One time I was working with him he called me a name, and another time while I was escorting him to a doctors appointment he worked to sneak past me and go home without me.  I chose to just stay on working with him for the time being.  That was a good move on my part because I saw he was going with the camp group he was in.  I realized as long as we go somewhere that he likes he'll come and stay with me.  I was right, and was able to help this boy better after realizing that point.

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