Thursday, November 10, 2016

The rebbe on physical disabilities

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The Rebbe addresses a group of Paralympic athletes:
When someone has a physical weakness or lacking, it is no reason to be dejected; rather it is proof positive that the Creator has endowed him or her with special spiritual powers which enable him to overcome and succeed where the ordinary person cannot.
The term “handicapped” should not be used for anyone. To the contrary, he is someone special and exceptional by the Creator, with special powers above and beyond the capacity of an ordinary individual. They should therefore be called what they truly are: “exceptional.” This highlights the real and outstanding qualities which give them the ability to be a living example of joy and self-confidence. They express how every Jewish man and woman – regardless of their physical or bodily state – possesses a soul which is “an actual part of G-d above,” which overcomes any and every limitation.

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