Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What someone with a disability needs

This last weekend I stayed by a friend from college.  This friend has a son who has down syndrome. I had experienced down syndrome people in school, and I have one cousin who I was close to (in the fact that I saw her often).  I told the friend that I don't have experience with down sydrome.  I did tell him and his wife one thing I could suggest to him is that the way his son should go about getting a job (if hopefully he is able to work at a job) is not by competing against everyone else (disabled people are at a disadantage when compared to non disabled people.

This friend though had a good outlook on his son.  He was focusing on his good point and not getting bogged down on what he couldn't do.  I myself could see that his son didn't have a hard time smiling (which quite a few normal people have trouble doing).

What anyone with a disability (and anyone) needs is love, and encouragement.  If you believe that they can overcome diffuculties and you give them that belief they can do amazing things!

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