Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yeshivas in Israel that accept people with aspergers

I know something I wanted to do very much when I was starting to become religous was go to a yeshiva or a place where Jewish guys learn G-d's wisdom better.  So many of my friends did it.  Although my aspergers has been more subtle than a lot of other people's I know at least one yeshiva that did not let me in because of some of the subtle things about me (which will be nameless).  If you are hard to detect that you have aspergers JUST DON'T SAY ANYTHING!

If not but you are still able to interact with people pretty normaly, but your aspergers is detectable than you at least have a few choices.  Darche Noam Shappels and for girls Midreset Rachel http://www.darchenoam.org/shapells/ (unconfirmed on the girl side, but pretty sure they will accept) is an option.  I remember talking with them and mentioning having aspergers, and they were aware of it (having had quite a number of people with it there).

One other place is Bircas Hatorah http://www.bircas.org/.  I spoke with the Rabbi Tagger and he said as long as someone is able to function in the learning seder than that's fine.

For those who a normal yeshiva is not right yet for them there is also Darkeinu (and Midreshet for girls) http://darkaynu.org.il/

Also I know that Yeshiva University, and I have heard Landers (from my best friend Michael Davidson) have quite a number of people with aspergers (remember they are people who may suffer from way above average IQs).

If you know of other places please contact me.

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