Sunday, November 30, 2014

A tale of two people with asperger

Like I mentioned in previous posts I was not as skilled at social skills when I was younger.  I worked on my self, and the results were very much seen on Friday night.

I made plans to go to a family I didn't know for a Friday night meal.  This family had many other guest there.  Very ironicly there was a guy I KNOW has aspergers.  I know because of the way he was conducting himself.  He was not able to read a lot of the social cues, he was doing things that made other people look at him, hijacking the conversation to what he wanted to talk about, and he was not aware that you have to have in mind where some of the other people were on understanding what he was saying (like it was obvious that we knew what he was talking about).  This guy is undiagnosed, but has a proffesion, and even mentioned he made 2 movies (sound like home movies).  I have had experience with people with aspergers and telling people about how to get better social doesn't always go so well (I usually just hint, or immerse them in a social situation).

On the other hand myself I initiated conversation with other people, asked them about themselves, looked to read the social cues.  I have worked on myself, and it has shown that someone there complimented me on my social skills (unaware as usual that I have aspergers.

There are two things we can all take from this.  1.There is no one way that aspergers always looks like 2.People with aspergers can get better, they have to want it.

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