Monday, November 24, 2014

Do we make aspergers a bigger thing for many people than it is

Because my roommate was using my computer last night he found my article (hadn't told him).  He was surprised (like many).  He commented to me that he doesn't feel that I am that awkward (which usually I'm am good but every now and then I do still make mistakes).  I realized that I wasn't giving my social skills the credit they deserve.

This reminded me of a friend of mine from Yeshiva University.  I was talking to him about him dating.  He felt that he was still a little awkward.  I told him that wasn't the biggest thing that would hurt a relationship for him (because he is able to interact with others).

My question to everyone here is what is it that is affecting me and my friend that we don't realize where we are socialy?

My theory is that some of us even though we have the skills still feel a little awkward in those situations, or are at least more aware of our faults than others.

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