Sunday, November 2, 2014

Personal Example (it still works with aspergers)

One of the people who I look to for guidance is Rabbi Shalom Arush.  He has written quite a number of books that deal with a lot of issues everyone deals with like challenging times, how to make a marriage work, and many other topics.

In his book the Garden of education
the biggest piece of advice he stresses on raising children is that the parents set an example.  Obviously this doesn't mean that if your child has a disability like autism that it is the parents fault, but what it does mean for someone with an autistic child is that you can still to whatever degree they are able to take in what they see from you put that trait in them.

An example is with my parents they are people who others know them to be kind people, and similarly I have also developed that kind of reputation. 

So basically be a good example for however much they will be able to take in (the younger they are as you develop better good habits the more they can be influenced by them!

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