Monday, November 10, 2014

Experience what makes you more marketable for a job

Their is a big challenge that all people who are working at getting their first job have.  That is having something that can prove your worth.  What does that the best in many jobs is previous experience.  You may be asking, but how can I get experience if they won't hire me?  Well this advice comes most in handy in someone's teenage years as they don't have to have a job all the time.  The solution is volunteering.  By doing many of the tasks that you would do in a real paying job than you can get a job.

I do remember when I was in high school my mom got me in a vocational program, and they were trying to help me get skills.  Looking back I can be amazed at how poorly they looked at me, and just automatically assumed they understood what was best.  I remember those volunteer positions they set me up with which were not really suited for me ex stocker, and placing book in the correct place on the library shelf  (proof is I did get a job through a friend of mine a year or two later).  What I really needed help with which I've seen quite a few people who don't know how to help a person (especially with aspergers) get a job.  Look in my archives as I will be putting some of those tips up for people.

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