Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Story on Friendship (PART 1)

Friendship is one of the biggest areas I have seen improvement in my life.

I remember when I was in elementry school, I was liked by the other kids because I have always been a kind guy.  The thing was I didn't totatly automaticly understand all those details everyone else gets.  At school I would always be able to interact, and do things with others.  I was also involved in a soccor (Futball) team, and was in scouts.  A great proof of that was that in elementry school I remember at least once that I was elected to be the student council repersenitive of my class.  When I was able to be in the same place with others I could interact, but going beyond that was a level I was not on.  Figuring out all the other things about friendship that didn't come easily to me.  I remember my parents trying to help me understand how to develop real friendships, but I didn't understand everything they tried teaching me on making friends.

I was still enjoying life, and knew how to treat other people.

I am thankful that the schools I went to I was able to find people who were nice to me.  I heard from at least one person I worked with of the horrors of bullying he had to endure.

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