Monday, November 3, 2014

E-Bay (not just selling your stuff) a potentially good job for Asbergers

I was talking with someone who was wanting to find a job that was right for him.  He told me he wanted to do something data entry (as he was good at remembering things), and he also didn't want to go to a college program (not right for everyone, and can be expensive).  I knew that there were not many plain data entry jobs out there.

I was thinking about it, and I told him that he could probably sell things on Ebay.  I told him that it's not just selling your things, that there are actually jobs out there where people need people to list things on ebay.  Actually having had experience selling things in the past on ebay, and also being able to make a resume that got me 2 job offers (which I didn't take at the time as they were in New York, and knew pretty much all of my salary was going to be eaten up).  If you want me to help coach someone on how they can land a job selling for someone on ebay contact me.

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