Monday, November 10, 2014

The right way for an asperger person to see themselves

I can easily understand that many people with aspergers have a low self esteem.  They see the challenges they have, and how much easier a life people without aspergers may have because social skills come much easier to them (everyone in the world has troubles).  They are looking at things the wrong way.

A great rabbi who passed away half a decade ago R Eliyahu Dessler gives a better point of view for a person who has aspergers and doesn't feel good about themselves.  He talks about where everyone finds themselves in this world.  There are some people who are born at the top of the mountain (so much comes easily to them), and then there are people like those with aspergers who didn't have everything come easily for them (in this case social skills) who have to work their way up to the top of the mountain, but as I have seen from many people with aspergers they often improve.  Who is more praiseworthy the person who was born at the top of the mountain and didn't go any higher, or the mountain climber who worked hard to get to the top?

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