Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Some of people's reactions to me coming out

I knew that when I had my article come out that it would have effects on my life.  I've had a few friends, and people who know me who saw my article.  Everyone who I saw commented to me about my article seems to be responding how I see they should.  They understand that I am the same person.  They understand that the person they have interacted with is who the real Craig Kohn is, and that in pretty much every case of Aspergrs is the best way to know someone (not by the diagnosis).

I have also seen some people who have jumped to conclusions who commented on my article.  I responded to those comments.  I realize one of the big things some people posted was that they assumed I am at a certain level of functionality.  I realize that a lot of people who know things about Aspergers/Autism don't realize how big a difference there is between people with aspergers.  Just like two snowflakes are not alike so to no to Aspies are exactly the same in the aspergers (or at least not that common).  I remember taking a cousin of mine who is Autistic and non verbal.  He didn't understand so much of social norms, and was non-verbal.  That is a big differnce from me.

One other group is the people I am now interacting with on a daily basis.  As I put in the begining of my blog I just moved to Israel.  This has been a dream of mine for a number of years.  It is common today among many Otrhdox Jews (especialy young ones) to feel a deep connection, and a desire to live in Israel.  I do realize I go about it in a little Aspergers kind of way (can be a little obsesive about it), but definitly try to keep my self balanced, and interact properly with people.

The place I am living is an apartment that I found on the internet. I know that one of my roommates has noticed a few things that I've been doing that go against the norm (I'm working on those things as I always strive to improve myself).  I have 3 roommates, two who are originaly from Europe, the other from Canada.  I went with one of my roommates for a meal, and then we went to a sale near where we live where met another roommate.  I've also have been connecting myself to the yeshiva (or Jewish institution dedicated to the study of Jewish texts).  I have met pretty much all of the rabbis, and a lot of the guys.  I've also got in touch with a lot of friends who are here in Israel, and am looking forward to seeing some of these people I haven't seen for years.  My roommates, and those people that I have just met don't suspect I have aspergers because I am very close to the normal now.

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