Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bringing it to them: Board games a great way to build socialization

Quite a few of the people I worked with (and too a degree myself (as a child) although I was doing something (watching A LOT OF TELIVISION)) will not easily find something to do.  In my last post I suggested trying to involve someone in a game (that is approriate for the level they are at).

One thing that really can help someone on the spectrum (mainly aspergers) actually do something and hold the potential for them to learn social skills is with board games.  Board games often require human communication.  When you practice communicating you become better at it.  The best is if the child gets into it then you can really get some good growth out of them.

Some favorite games of mine are:
Apples to Apples
Settlers of Catan (hint if a child likes it and other kids around like it you can get the 5-6 player expansion pack)
5 second rule

There are many more out there, and as always with Bringing it to them know what game may 

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