Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A thought on why a lot of jobs that are good for people with aspergers are not so well known

I have a few ideas why people may not think about so many of the careers I am putting on my blog.

1.PEOPLE UNDERESTIMATE US: Just because we don't have the greatest social skills doesn't mean that there are only a few jobs that we can do.

2.PEOPLE DON'T INTERACT MUCH WITH THESE JOBS: Part of why people don't think of these jobs is because they don't interact with these jobs much (if you don't talk to those people, and social skills is the big weakness of someone with aspergers couldn't that be the answer?)

3.PEOPLE WITH ASPERGERS FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH THE JOBS WE GIVE THEM: I very much admit this with myself and have seen it in many people with Aspergers that we can be very easily be conteted.  My current roommate marvels how very simple food keeps me very satisfied, and one of the people I am working with is doing a very simple job right now (which doesn't bother him (although I am happy to say he has hopes that he will get more complicated work)).

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