Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An advantage Aspergers people sometimes have in the workplace

I was working with someone yesterday, and they reminded me of an Asperger trait that is an advantage.  That is that Aspergers people can deal a lot better with repetitive jobs.

I myself had a job (which I am grateful that I was given this opportunity) where I worked in a warehouse, and was putting price tags on Jewelry.  Some of the time I had other people helping me, and I know one woman who helped for a while (was getting really sick of it).  I was able to handle the repetitiveness very well, and even took advantage of it to listen on my MP3 lectures while I worked.  For me this wasn't where I knew I would be staying forever (because I knew I had more potential, but just needed to find a career path that I could feel comfortable with, and to earn some money to help me achieve those career goals).

For some people that could be a great option for them, but if they have more potential help them find something that allows their skills and abilities to be used!

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