Sunday, November 2, 2014

I work with everyone (not only Jews)

I just want to state because there are people out there who may see that I am an Orthodox Jew, and become afraid that I will impose my religion on them.  Yes a lot of things that influence me are from my religion, but I do not look to impose on others.

One of the families that I worked with in New York was from a religious family.  I was working on helping get things that could help their son do something instead of just sitting around.  I suggested a series I though he would like (Redwall) but the family didn't feel comfortable with it so I left it at that.

One other thing I do is encourage people to connect to a religious community they are comfortable with.  Whatever religion they are it is a good idea.  This gives a person opportunities for social interaction, networking (which could lead to a job or meeting a potential spouse), and helps them build a community that can help with different issues that any person may have to deal with.

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