Thursday, November 27, 2014

Look carefully at different thearpies

There are a lot  of different therapies out there to help people on the spectrum.  I remember finding out that a place near where one of the people I worked with had "theraputic horseback riding".  I knew that this guy obsessed about animals and thought it would be a good idea.  To a degree thankfully it was full.  I say this because I realize like many on the spectrum this boy was unique,  He obsessed about animals, BUT I started to notice he would do not nice things to those animals, so a lot of things I thought of for him to do with animals were things I realized needed to be avoided (although going to zoos and muesames would be alright).

With perspective I also see that you need to know what and where the benifits come from.  I have a cousin who is fully autistic (non verbal).  I was talking with his father, and he said they tried "theraputic horseback riding" but it didn't help their child much.

One of my roommates also mentioned a family that purchased a dog trained to help their child who had autism.  Unfortunately the dog died.

The morale of the story.  Before you try a type of therapy look at what it does, and in what ways it helps people to see if it is right for your child (instead of blindly trusting that it will work (because each autistic kid is different (and there are still many people whose kids did it an are still on the spectrum).

Talk with people who have done it and make an informed decision.

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