Thursday, November 27, 2014

Utalizing video games to increase socialization

 Before I discuss this trick let me say that I endorse parents to set limits for their kids on video games, so they can do other things.

Having been a big video gamer in the past I know how much a kid can love video games.  I can imagine for many kids it's one of the few things that it is easy to get a kid to do. THAT IS WHY I SUGGEST UTALIZING VIDEO GAMES TO HELP A KID MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH OTHERS.  What do I mean by this you may ask?  There is a type of game where you can play against other people (multiplayer).  They should not just be playing

If you set a limit for your kid in playing video games, give them a little more time if they are playing with someone else.  Usually you will have to communicate with someone when you play with them (and at least they will need to maintain a relationship with someone that they will be willing to play with them).

With video games you always need to know the ESRB ratings (which tell what is in a video game).

Two sets of games that just came out that I know are popular and are multiplayer are Super Smash Bros (E10 (everyone above 10) and Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Omega Saphire (rated E).

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