Saturday, November 22, 2014

Immersion the best way to help someone with aspergers social skills

A while ago I wrote that for someone with aspergers learning social skills is like learning a forigen language.

Being someone who can have a conversation (at least a basic conversation) in several language I know a little about learning a forigen language.

Like learning a forigen language there are several ways to go about it:

1.You can go to someone who teaches bit by bit how to master the forigen language

2.You can help the person be in an enviorment that they can be constantly exposed to the forigen language.

The way you immerse someone with aspergers is you find something they really like, and find a way to get them involved with other people around that.

Example a kid who loves video games you make a rule that he can get multi player games, and he gets to play more video games if there are other people he is playing with (assuming you restrict video game time (which can be a healthy option).  What kid would just sit around letting others beat him at his favorite video game (he'll try to look at what other kids are doing, and at least you are getting him to look at interacting with other kids.)

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