Thursday, November 20, 2014

Advantages of Customized employment

Having looked at going the mainstream way of getting a job, I can understand how for peolpe with aspergers or other disabilities stand very little chance of a job when they look for a job that way (because they are going against everyone else and seem to have less to offer).

Supportive employment does a little bit better by making it so that there doesn't need to be competition from everyone else for the disabled indiviual.  The indiviual and family may need to rely on people who are very nice or an organization.  Unfortunately not everyone has all those things going for them.  One other disadvantage is that you have only a limited amount of oppurtunities to do (a lot of jobs are not for everyone, and if you hate your job it's not a fun thing).

Then there is what I teach people.  Customized employment.  I help people find out their intrests, teach them how to go about finding a job you will like, a job that the indiviual does not have to compete against neurotypicals (or "normal" people), and them be able to do this again in the future if they need to.

You decide which one is the best

This method does involve work on your part (as I likely do not live where you do), but from this work you will be able to find yourself a job you can do (and in the future as well).  This is why I say I can work with anyone in the world (who speaks a language I understand).

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